Morning Coffee Musings: The Power of Connection and Compassion

Every morning, I make my way to Weird Doughs Cafe & Bakery for my morning cup of coffee. It’s become a daily ritual for me, and as I sit and enjoy my coffee, I get to observe all the people coming in and out of the shop. I notice the ones smiling and laughing, the […]

A Morning Cup of Destiny: Can Coffee Lead to the Love of My Life?

As I take my seat at my usual table at Weird Doughs Cafe & Bakery, I can’t help but think back to the unforgettable encounter I had just a few days ago. It was like any other morning; I ordered my favorite coffee blend and settled for a quiet moment to reflect on my day ahead. And then, she walked in.

A Journey Through Community, Kindness, and Morning Coffee Rituals

Every morning, I sit at the same small table in Weird Doughs Cafe & Bakery in Temple, Texas, sipping on my favorite coffee blend and taking in the buzz of the early morning crowd. This place has become my ritual, my grounding force in this vibrant city I call home.